Some Hoodoo Spells

Some Hoodoo Spells
If you want someone to leave you alone:

1. Take some water from the persons sink. Then, at sunrise, throw the water as far away from you as you can, then break an egg on the ground. In 3 days, you won't be bothered by them any more.

2. Write the name of the person you want to stay away from you 3 times on black candle, starting at the bottom and writing away from you. Anoint the candle with sugar water, honey or almond oil. Burn it for 30 minutes each morning for 3 days in a row.

3. Burn a black candle in front of an image of St. Michael & pray to him for the person to leave you alone.

4. If the person comes to your house, sprinkle a teaspoon of salt behind them as they leave, then,while sweeping the salt out of the house call their name quietly, wishing that they wouldn't come back all the while.

5. If you live with the person, keep a broom by the door and every time they leave, stand it in the path they just took out and let it fall the same direction they left in.

To keep people you don't want to see away from you, make sure everyone who lives with you/that you want there is inside, then put patchouli oil on the outside doorknobs and on the thresholds.

For peace and joy, mix powdered dragon's blood with sugar and salt in a bottle or box, don't tell anyone about it and hide it where no one can see it & it will ensure happiness and well being.

To defeat your enemies take 13 different sized nails and put them in a black bottle of well water. Write the names of your enemy 13 times on different pieces of paper. Put them in the bottle. Bury it upside down by the person's steps.

To attract friendship, write the name of the person you want to be kind to you on a piece of paper and put it in a small jar filled with honey @ the full moon. Seal the lid with wax. Every month for 6 months, put it in the sun for a day. After 6 months, bury the jar and re-do the spell if desired.

To prevent someone from hexing or harming you:

1. Walk backward six steps after running into them or hearing from them, spit to your right and left and say 'John over John' and 'John the Conqueror' and they won't be able to do anything to you.

2. Take a handful of salt and call the persons name while throwing it over your right shoulder.

3. Put salt and black pepper in your shoes, (some say just red pepper), or a silver dime in the heel of your shoe.

To keep harm away from your home:

1. Onions and red pepper, or salt and black pepper on the floor then swept away & burned all keep enemies away.

2. Fill a bag with salt, put a cross on it and put it under your doorstep.

3. Sleep with a pair of scissors under your pillow, with the points pointing towards the head of the bed.

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